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What we believe

Truly open knowledge and true technological freedom fundamentally require trivial ease in fully and cleanly copying allegedly open digital works in forms useful for offline study.

For example, in the case of software, the overly narrow focus on easy access to the main program sources isn't enough. Trivial access to offline documentation, for any official documentation that may exist, is critical.

Needing a constant network connection to properly study something claiming to be open isn't freedom. Needing the site hosting an allegedly open work to always be up isn't freedom.

We think system wide in terms of the full Open Knowledge Set associated with any given technology. We strongly believe withholding any parts of the OKS from easy offline study is fundamentally no better than withholding any part of the main source material.

It's time for Open Source and Open Knowledge to truly be for everyone, not just well off people with reliable Internet connections.

What we do

Freedom Respecting Technology Definition

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Other lesser known movements with good ideas

We don't necessarily totally agree with all their ideas. If we did we'd just back them instead of also doing our own thing and pointlessly increasing fragmentation. That said all of these other movements are also trying to fix real problems with the technological status quo. Thus we endorse them and mention them here because they deserve serious study, consideration, and support.